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If you asked me a few years ago if I’d have a healthy food blog I would have laughed at you. I could hardly follow a recipe and even the thought of meal planning made me want to crawl out of my own skin.

As luck would have it, I developed a passion for health and good nutrition which ultimately meant the inevitable, I’d need to learn how to cook. Or at least fake it and make it look like I knew what I was doing.

I quickly discovered that a major thing needed to change before I could learn how to cook healthy and it had nothing to do with developing my skill set. I needed a major attitude adjustment. I needed to like what I was doing. I needed to make this a hobby and not a chore. Once I got my mindset on track, everything changed. I became excited about trying new recipes and I was curious about taking unhealthy ingredients and turning them into something nutritious. I also become excited to share this discovery with people because I knew that it could make a big impact on their health.

I knew that if other people could develop a passion for cooking healthy and feeling great that this could be a game changer. I also knew that people needed to understand what I meant when I talked about eating healthy. I’ve always been a follower of various alternative health practitioners and really enjoyed all of the research they bring to the table about various food and lifestyle choices. At first, I thought that I wanted to go down this same path. I thought it would be great to pass along the latest scientifically published articles that supported my philosophy on good nutrition. Then I realized something extremely important. It took me a good ten years of my own health journey to really start caring about those articles and studies. What if people were on the start of their health journey and felt overwhelmed by all of the information available?

Don’t get me wrong, science has done a ton of really important things for us as a society. I am super grateful for alternative health practitioners who do their research and spend the time to examine various food and health correlations. I also want to push for a more simple change and thought process around food. I want to figure out a way to reconnect with our intuition and simplify our understanding of this system. I want the science to be there but I also want our own mind and body to play a big role.

Asking questions like, “where did this ingredient come from? How does this food taste? Is it rich with flavor or masked with chemicals? Is this fresh? Am I thinking for myself and really listening to my body or am I guiding my choices that are lead by mass media and marketing?”

These questions allow people to think for themselves, to be connected with their food and its source. This process can almost take the science out for a minute. It can give us good insight and direction about food choices and our body. In sum, my philosophy is pretty simple: eat real, fresh food and really listen to your body, it knows the way.

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I'm excited to help you feel great & enjoy your health!

Katie Bramlett
But my friends call me...
The Warrior Wife

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