The 77 Best Slow Cooker Recipes!

Let me show you how to make
77 delicious and healthy meals
in as little as 3-minutes!

Hi. I’m Katie, and you’re here because you are looking for a way to cook delicious and healthy foods without using up all your time or spending all your money in the grocery store. And today…

I want to give you 77 recipes that changed the way I cook healthy and delicious meals for my family! The best part is…

I’m gonna give you these 77 recipes for free 🙂

But first…

There's An Important Story Behind
These 77 Life Changing Recipes...

You see....

For the past 10 years, I have been really concerned about the way I eat and cook. And...

Before I gave birth to my daughter, I saw eating healthy as a black and white issue. I thought that if you didn’t follow the rules and eat sugar free, gluten free, or whatever ______ “free”, then you’d never look and feel healthy. The worst part was...

If I didn’t eat in a really specific [WAY] that I thought was “healthy” I would get extremely stressed out!



After having my first child and still trying to keep up with my diet, spending countless hours in the grocery store and kitchen, everything started to fall apart 🙁


If you have a child and especially if you’re a mom then I know you can relate! However…

It didn’t just stop with me feeling exhausted and giving up. I was so determined to be the best mother and wife, that I pushed myself... continuing to spend hours and hours a week preparing healthy foods for my family. Eventually...

This level of stress and pressure
ended up putting me
in the hospital!


Instead of stressing myself out and spending hours in the kitchen, I was forced to rethink the way I cooked healthy meals for myself and my family. I knew that there had to be a better way… A truly healthy way…

  • That allowed me to cook healthy meals that tasted delicious
  • That were quick and easy to prepare
  • That were kid friendly and husband approved
  • And most of all, that allowed me to stay healthy, physically and mentally!

What I found was a delicious and comforting way of cooking that made me happy, takes care of my husband and my daughter, and doesn’t cost me a ridiculous amount of time, money, or energy!

katie-found-the-slow-cookerI Found The Slow Cooker!


And Today…


I Want To Give You The 77 Slow Cooker
Recipes That Literally Changed My Life!

These are the very meals that gave me back my health 🙂

Here’s just a taste…

Slow Cooker Veggie Minestrone:

A delicious vegetarian friendly soup that’s gluten free and tastes AMAZING!

Slow Cooker Orange Chicken:

Tastes as good as chinese takeout... only it’s made with healthy fats and uses a gluten free breading. Best part is, it only takes 10-minutes!

Slow Cooker Lasagna:

OMG… this is one of our favorites! It tastes just like the lasagna my mother used to make, but is 100% gluten-free and low carb!

Slow Cooker Huevos Rancheros:

If you like eggs with a little spice to them, this is one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever eat. It takes less than 5-minutes and it’s easy to make a week's worth that you can reheat to make your mornings EASY!

The best part is…

I’m also gonna give you
the exact recipes I use to cook
healthy desserts that taste amazing!

Desserts like…

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Custard:

Tastes like a gooey pumpkin pie and is even delicious warm or cold! Add a little whip cream and you’ll be SHOCKED that this is a healthy dessert that you can make in minutes!

Slow Cooker Apple Coffee Cake:

This is a healthy twist to a classic breakfast treat. It’s crumbly and sweet without adding any sugar whatsoever!

Slow Cooker Cheesecake:

When I found out I could make cheesecake in the slowcooker I about died. Then… I had a bite! This is not only the easiest way to make cheesecake, but it tastes AMAZING

Slow Cooker Fudge:

My husband’s favorite treat in the world is fudge. He was shocked after I served this to him and then told him that this was full of healthy fats and no processed sugar!

When you use a slow cooker to
prepare your meals, you’ll find that...

  • You can finally get all your work done without worrying about a healthy meal for your family.
  • You can say goodbye to hour long sessions in the kitchen, cooking and doing dishes and you’ll finally have extra time for YOU!
  • You’ll have leftovers that are easy to reheat and taste amazing! Which… will give you even more free time.
  • You’ll save a LOT of time and money in the grocery store, because these meals use simple ingredients that you can easily buy in bulk!

So… here’s what I want to do…

I Wanna Send A Copy Of
Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple

(77 Slow Slow Cooker Recipes That Changed My Life)

To Your Doorstep, As My Free Gift To You!


Yep… you heard that right!

I’m not only gonna give you these 77 recipes that changed my life for free, but I want to send you the actual physical copy of this cookbook in the mail, right to your doorstep. This way…

You have all 77 recipes in one place and you can have the same life changing experience I had when I learned how to cook healthy and delicious recipes in a slow cooker! So...

Instead of charge $19.95 plus Shipping & Handling for this book, which... is more than fair for a high quality print cookbook complete with glossy paper making it easy to wipe off when cooking get’s messy. I decided that...

I want to give you a free copy of
Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple!

If you want one of these free copies...

All you have to do is click the link below that says YES! Send Me My Free Copy and we will package up your book right away. All I ask is that you cover the shipping.

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And if you think I’m exaggerating about how life changing these recipes can be...

Check out what people are saying
after trying just a handful of these recipes...

“I LOVE  your recipes. They all use REAL FOOD and they are easy and quick but most of all Healthy. I'm a Dessert person so your Healthy Desserts really made a Hit with my family.”

- Faith Girnius

“We made your Mexican Stew the other night and it was fantastic, it had the best flavor I have ever had in a stew. We use a crock pot a lot and this was a perfect meal to come home to on a cold and snowy day. Thank you Katie for sharing all your delicious recipes…”

- Judy Shamel

“I love Katie’s recipes! They are easy to make, you don’t have to be a chef or an experienced cook to be able to replicate the meals and no fancy-schmancy ingredients and they’re healthy too!”

- Sarah Ngo

“I appreciate healthy recipes that taste good! My youngest daughter recently said that she is going to eat healthy like me!!”

- Mandy Fehman

“I just love Katie's recipes. They are easy to follow and most times I have all the ingredients. Looking forward to having them all in one book. You go girl!”

- Barbara

These Are Delicious Recipes
Made With Real Food!

That’s Because...

  • You lose weight more easily when you eat real food.
  • You sleep better at night, you have better control of our blood pressure, and you look better in your clothes when you eat real food.
  • You even live longer and more healthily when your diet is mostly made up of real, healthy food like organic fruits and vegetables and meats that are raised without antibiotics or steroids.

The Easiest Way To Cook Delicious Meals
With Real Food Is The Slow Cooker!

Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple
Will Show You The Easy Way To Make Meals That Are…

  • Nutritious and delicious - None of the natural juices from the foods you put into the cooker will be lost.
  • Easy to clean up when you’re done cooking - There’s literally ONE pot to clean afterwards.
  • Simple to take to a friend’s for dinner - Just keep it covered, and you’ll be the star of any dinner get-together!
  • Time savers - Go to work, go to the gym, go to the movies, go shopping, or go take a nap. Whatever you want to do for 4, 6, 8, or even 10 hours is fine. When you’re ready to eat, your meal will be ready.
  • Easy on your meats - the lower temperature you cook your meats, the less likely they will cause inflammation in your body or create an environment friendly to cancer and other diseases.
  • Not processed - Processed foods come full of chemicals that can make you overweight. Processed food can also make you feel sluggish, and not your best all the time. Slow cookers are great for creating meals based on whole food.
  • Energizing - Whole food has more nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats. They have less sodium, which is great news for your blood pressure. Put these things together, and you’ll automatically have more energy throughout your day - simply because you’re eating better.

Like I said before…

The recipes I put into this cookbook literally changed my life! I went from feeling extremely pressured to be the supermom and superwife that everyone wanted me to be. And now…

Thanks to these 77 recipes... I’m no longer stressed out! Because cooking healthy meals this way takes less time, money and energy so I can finally feel like that supermom… that superwife… all while gaining time back for me 🙂 So...

If you’ve ever felt stressed about cooking healthy meals, then grab a free copy of Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple while it’s still available. This way you too can save time, money and energy all while preparing delicious meals the easy way!

Grab your free copy by clicking the button below…

In health,

Katie Bramlett
AKA… The Warrior Wife

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